Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flight delay

I would like to thank Al-Jazeera Airways for delaying our wives flight. This way I managed to get some more sleep and find the dealer for the GPS who I went to and found out that the GPS battery needed to be replaced (Type Garmin Zumo 450). I also was told that the unit would have worked on the bike had I removed the battery, Thanks go out to Mr. Vineeth from AMIT for his service and information with regards to the GPS.

So instead of leaving the airport at noon as planned we left at 4:10 pm and headed strait for Khassab Oman reaching there arround 8:00 PM riding 276 km, unfortunately we didn't see much since it got dark by the time we entered Oman. I hope to take pictures tomorrow of the area even though it is forcasted to rain tonight and tomorrow.

Friday, January 25, 2008

It was Coooooooooled

It was 9 Deg. C (48 F) for the first seven hours of the trip before easing up and when it did, it only got as high as 19 Deg. C (66 F) which is what I was expecting when I reached Abu-Dhabi. The heated grips worked well as they did on the Jordan trip; but the GPS stopped working 2 hours into the trip which got me thinking that the problem may be due to insufficient electrical current reaching the unit which is draining the battery. I am going to re-route the GPS power supply cable to a deferent outlet.

Besides it being very cold it was fairly smooth we managed 1,238 km (770 miles) today, which means less riding tomorrow and a better chance for us to reach the airport in time to pick-up our wives. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it although knowing how Aziz and I ride it is not surprising I feel I have joined the Iron Butt Rally (For those who don’t know the Iron Butt Rally is run once every two years in north America for 11 days at 1000 miles a day)

The headlight oscillator was so effective people were slowing down when they passed me thinking I wanted to asked them some thing and once they realize that the lights were flashing on their own, they continued on their way except for the guy to almost turned in front of me until I high beamed and he woke-up.

Since it is a school holiday we saw many cars with Kuwait license plates all the way to UAE. At our last resting points and while waiting in line to use the toilets a gentleman opened the door to the stall with a big smile on his face as if though he was suddenly relieved of some problem. It was funny to watch I don’t think I ever smiled to strangers when I leave the toilet.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oman trip itinerary

I guess it is time for the itinerary since I know there are several relatives who are interested.

25th of Jan. - leave Kuwait at 6:00 am and go to UAE we will try to get to Abu-Dhabi if not then there is a hotel an hour after the border that we will be staying at.
Expected distance traveled= 975 km
Expected Time = 11 hours

26th of Jan. - Goto Dubai international airport and pickup our wifes who are supposed to arrive at 11:00 am and go strait to Khasab - Oman.
Expected distance traveled= 537 km
Expected time = 6 hours

27th of Jan. - Leave Khasab and head to Hatta - UAE taking the coastal route.
Expected distance traveled= 275 Km
Expected time = 5 hours

28th of Jan. - Goto Muscat - Oman.
Expected distance traveled= 336 Km
Expected time = 4 hours

29th of Jan. - Stay in Muscat and go on a day trip, Maybe to Qurayat.

30th of Jan. - Leave Muscat and got Dubai - UAE.
Expected distance traveled= 455 km
Expected time = 5 hours

31st of Jan. - Rest in Dubai and let the laddies go shopping, take them to the airport at night, and go to sleep early since Aziz and I leave for Kuwait the next day.

1st of Feb. - Leave early from Dubai to Kuwait.
Expected distance traveled = 1290 km
expected time = 13 hours

I intend to keep this blog up to date when traveling depending on internet availability.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Proximity Sensor

Managed to replace the proximity sensor on the bike so that it gives an alarm if some one leaned into the bike or sat on it. the old sensor wasn't working I don't know when it broke all I know is that when I tested it for the Jordan, Syria, Lebanon trip it was not working. As a result on the second day I found that the hazard button on the bike was pushed stuck so I didn't want a repeat of that so I replaced the sensor this evening and it works fine.

I need to get my things ready for traveling , I haven't washed my helmet liner, nor my Jacket from the last trip so I need to do that, and also need to check my wife's helmet ear phones since one keeps falling off. besides that I have every thing ready , and I will be charging the battery before I leave.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Getting Ready

Well it's only a few days until Aziz and I head to Muscat Oman, last year he had a course to attend in Dubai, and I tagged along then went to discover nice roads, and places in Oman and UAE. When I was done we decided to take a trip next year (this year) and visit the same sights I went to but this time having our wives along as a couples run.

We are supposed to meet up at a gas station at 6:00 am on the 25th of January to go to UAE from Kuwait. We hope to reach Abu-Dhabi by 7:00 pm and spend the night there.

I have prepared the routs on the GPS, every thing on the bike is in good condition, the tires are less than a year old, and I just had the bike serviced with semi-synthetic oil so that I don't need to go though an oil change. it is only a week long trip and I am only expecting around 4000 Km round trip.

Welcome to my Journals......

Ever since I have been traveling on two wheels I haven't written any thing down regarding where I went, who I saw, or how I did it.

Most of my travels are with friend who I thank for letting me tag along, learn, and grow.

This journal will have two aspects the first a record of my future travels, and maybe some back dated ones. And the other will be my thoughts about traveling on a motorcycle, what gear I have tried, and what methods I feel are the best for traveling.

Please feel free to drop me a note regarding motorcycle travel, I will be happy to reply.