Friday, January 25, 2008

It was Coooooooooled

It was 9 Deg. C (48 F) for the first seven hours of the trip before easing up and when it did, it only got as high as 19 Deg. C (66 F) which is what I was expecting when I reached Abu-Dhabi. The heated grips worked well as they did on the Jordan trip; but the GPS stopped working 2 hours into the trip which got me thinking that the problem may be due to insufficient electrical current reaching the unit which is draining the battery. I am going to re-route the GPS power supply cable to a deferent outlet.

Besides it being very cold it was fairly smooth we managed 1,238 km (770 miles) today, which means less riding tomorrow and a better chance for us to reach the airport in time to pick-up our wives. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it although knowing how Aziz and I ride it is not surprising I feel I have joined the Iron Butt Rally (For those who don’t know the Iron Butt Rally is run once every two years in north America for 11 days at 1000 miles a day)

The headlight oscillator was so effective people were slowing down when they passed me thinking I wanted to asked them some thing and once they realize that the lights were flashing on their own, they continued on their way except for the guy to almost turned in front of me until I high beamed and he woke-up.

Since it is a school holiday we saw many cars with Kuwait license plates all the way to UAE. At our last resting points and while waiting in line to use the toilets a gentleman opened the door to the stall with a big smile on his face as if though he was suddenly relieved of some problem. It was funny to watch I don’t think I ever smiled to strangers when I leave the toilet.

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