Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day Four to Arcata

There was still fog when we left Bodega Bay in the morning, and the weather was cold when I pressed the info button on the bike it read 58 Deg. F.

luckily I had the liner in the jacket which kept my upper body worm but my legs were freezing. The road was really twisty and went on for hours.

It got to a point where I got dizzy from about 4hours of twisty roads, finally we met up with the US-101 where we drove through a tree, then headed towards Arcata reaching there about 8 evening.

Welcome to my Journals......

Ever since I have been traveling on two wheels I haven't written any thing down regarding where I went, who I saw, or how I did it.

Most of my travels are with friend who I thank for letting me tag along, learn, and grow.

This journal will have two aspects the first a record of my future travels, and maybe some back dated ones. And the other will be my thoughts about traveling on a motorcycle, what gear I have tried, and what methods I feel are the best for traveling.

Please feel free to drop me a note regarding motorcycle travel, I will be happy to reply.