Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Handlebar Extenders

One of the first Modifications I did was to extend the handlebar, however I mad a grave mistake when I purchased the extensions. These handlebar extensions are sold on ebay for 289.99 US $ however if you go to you will find the same pair for 69 GBP which come to around 89.91 US $, which means I payed 200 $ more than it is worth.

Although I have see bidders on ebay pay for things thay can get directly for less, I didn't search this particular item to know that I could have baught it for much less. So the lesson of the day is always make a check on the net of the price of an item before you place your bid on ebay.

This extension looks like it is part of the bike and brings the handlebar 20 mm higher and 40 mm close, in the picture you can compare the original with the extension.


Janifer said...

Its very advance style but not strong handle.
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Yousuf said...

I think have very strong bike handle.
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