Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day One to Cambria

OK so we left Monrovia about 9 am and headed down the highways my wife and me on the Goldwing and my mother with the kids in the car. We turned into US-101 where is started to get cold once we got closer to the coast and I had to put on my jacket. There was some coastal fog at first and then dissipated.
We continued past Santa Barbra to San Luis Obispo going through vineyards and waving back to other bikers passing us on the way. We turned into route 1 and enjoyed the great scenery of the sea, mountains, and trees until we reached Cambria at around 3:30 pm which is beautiful town. Our Motel was right in front of the ocean with a very cool breeze and fireplaces in the rooms.
We decided to buy jackets for the kids in town due to the cold breeze and had a great time walking around and viewing the different art galleries in the area.


Janifer said...

Can you feel any change in drive here or other countries?
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Yousuf said...

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Welcome to my Journals......

Ever since I have been traveling on two wheels I haven't written any thing down regarding where I went, who I saw, or how I did it.

Most of my travels are with friend who I thank for letting me tag along, learn, and grow.

This journal will have two aspects the first a record of my future travels, and maybe some back dated ones. And the other will be my thoughts about traveling on a motorcycle, what gear I have tried, and what methods I feel are the best for traveling.

Please feel free to drop me a note regarding motorcycle travel, I will be happy to reply.