Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Twisty Turvy

Before I begin this travel blog I would like to thank you, my friends and relatives for reading this blog and leaving regular comments, I feel that you are all with me when I am going through the deferent countryside.

And to my biker friends, don't disregard Australia; biking here is well accepted and strong and the old tradition of waving to your fellow biker on the other side exists even here reminding each other how lucky we are to enjoy riding freely.

I left the Gold Coast today around 7:30am and headed towards Tamworth as my target for the day. In Australia it rains sporadically even though you can see the sky and the clouds are scattered you get a minute of rain from passing clouds. This happens in Kuwait also but is rare, here it happened almost every day since I arrived and today was no exception.

It is sometimes a blessing to miss a turn that the GPS tells you to, which led me to a nice small country road on the way to my intended destination, after a few hours I started to get hungry so I stopped in a small town called Lismore and had breakfast at Mecca Café.

After that it was strait to Armidale for lunch and onto Tamworth where they have the Gold Guitar and a motorcycle museum. Unfortunately when I arrived at 5:30 pm the museum was closed so I will have to go there tomorrow morning and take pictures.

Well Selena, the lady who rented the bike out to me, was right. The scenery inland was much better that the coastal freeway and the roads twisted more frequently especially on route 44.

So tomorrow I will be headed to Sydney to deliver the bike and get ready for the flight home.


Anonymous said...

Well my friend I have just penciled in our next trip ;)
Please ask if they have the LT for hiring.
Have fun & regards from all here.
PS. Don't forget who asked for the little furry animal first.

Aldenya said...

الله على هالتصوير الرائع

بصراحة رحلتك كانت ممتعه

الله يوفقك دووم
ويسهل عليك أمورك

Janifer said...

Some great pics of your wonderful journey.Thanks.
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Yousuf said...

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Welcome to my Journals......

Ever since I have been traveling on two wheels I haven't written any thing down regarding where I went, who I saw, or how I did it.

Most of my travels are with friend who I thank for letting me tag along, learn, and grow.

This journal will have two aspects the first a record of my future travels, and maybe some back dated ones. And the other will be my thoughts about traveling on a motorcycle, what gear I have tried, and what methods I feel are the best for traveling.

Please feel free to drop me a note regarding motorcycle travel, I will be happy to reply.